January 11, 2018

From one of our members:

I think what is most painful about the Haiti / El Salvador comment is that I know the WH occupant is empowered to say what he does because a ton of other voting American citizens feel the same way, and about a lot of other people from other countries of similar stature. He is verbalizing the unspoken contempt of other Americans. It is extremely hurtful to ANY person who has come from or descended from a country of less wealth or power than America. It cuts deep to the biggest source of division in our country. It is hate. It is disrespectful. It is an assault on immigrants and children of immigrants. This HAS to be a wake up call for any friend or family member who professes to be of the same party or political affiliation. This is a moment for deep pause and reflection on what it means for us to have a leader of our nation verbalize explicit white supremacy.