January 9, 2018

From Hong-My Basrai:

I used to watch my kids’ soccer games. Those long, agonized hours under the summer sun taught me one thing about the political game too.

The number one rule of defending is to always put pressure on the opposite team. Even when you can’t possibly win back a ball, putting the offensive team under pressure forces it to make a less than perfect move to your advantage. A few of those bad moves and you will win back the ball and turn offensive

My friends, DocTran and our fellow resistors who ran for offices did just that. Royce (CA39), my district, quits and kisses bye-bye to his cushy retirement because the pressure is too much for him to bear. He knew the day he voted yay for that tax cut for the richest of rich, he had said yay to the devils.

Let’s score goals with DocTran and win this game.