Candidate Support


Committee Chair:  Uyen Nguyen
Committee Co-Chair:  Phi Nguyen

PIVOT Candidate Support Committee aims to support and endorse candidate whose actions are aligned with PIVOT's core values. These are:

  • Equality - Committed to equitable treatment for all human beings and elimination of discrimination in all its forms
  • Diversity - Welcome and respect cross-cultural diversity, and embrace it as an essential component in how we operate
  • Results - Committed to having long-term, measurable impact on Vietnamese Americans’, and by extension, all Americans’ lives.
  • Integrity



Committee Chair:  Khanh Nguyen

The Fundraising Committee aims to turn an ever increasing number of interested Progressive Vietnamese Americans into committed supporters, thus providing the financial resources for PIVOT to achieve its goals.  Fundraising Committee members:

  • Design and create online and physical collaterals to explain PIVOTs to interested audiences;
  • Leverage their personal and professional networks to generate support for PIVOT;
  • Organize fundraising events and membership/donor drives in collaboration with other committees.



Committee Co-Chair:  Trung Ta
Committee Co-Chair:  Josie Nguyen

The Media Committee is dedicated to disseminating information and stories with a progressive point of view about important topics to Vietnamese Americans. Our goal is to give voice to a thus far silent majority of Vietnamese Americans whose experience as refugees and immigrants or their children have led them to hold values that PIVOT support. 

We have capable communicators in multiple media format (including a Pulitzer Prize winning novelist), a core group of translators, and an expanding network of media contacts in both the Vietnamese and English press. We are always looking for Vietnamese Americans with stories to tell.



Committee Chair:  Thu Quach

The Policy Committee reviews and analyzes polices, and recommends PIVOT taking positions and/or actions on policies that impact the Vietnamese American population as well as the general population. The committee also supports activities that help to educate the Vietnamese American community and the general public about policies and its impacts. The current priority areas include health, immigration, and civil rights.

Young Vietnamese Americans


Committee Chair:  Jessica Phan
Committee Co-Chair:  Philip Nguyen

The YVA Committee aims to engage and empower young Vietnamese Americans to take action in their communities by increasing civic and political engagement. Our mission is to:

  • Recruit more young Vietnamese Americans into the organization;
  • Encourage and inspire young Vietnamese Americans to be more civically/politically engaged;
  • Make information and resources accessible to young Vietnamese Americans; and   
  • Increase the amount of young voters.