January 12, 2018

From our Chair, Tung Nguyen:

I've been thinking about what to say about the most recent thing that came out of Trump's piehole, and I think there will be a press release somewhere. But that would be an official statement. Here is angry Tung's letter to T-rump.

Dear President Trump,

I heard you refer to El Salvador, Haiti, and African countries as “shithole” countries. I heard you call Mexican immigrants “rapists”. I have heard you brag about how you grab women by their p**sy. And I heard you call white supremacists “very fine people”. And my response is that you are a very fine white supremacist rape advocate, so stop the shit flowing out of your piehole and leave us alone.

Sign, I come from a “shithole” country, but I’m not a little shit like you.

Would this work as a press release?