October 31, 2017

From our fearless leader, Tung Nguyen:

Dealing with all kinds of crises here, but I cannot let Kelly's statement about "lack of compromises" leading to the Civil War pass. 
1) White supremacy: Trump says both sides were at fault
2) Slavery: Kelly says we should have compromised so slave owners can have what they want too
3) Russians interfering in our elections: we should really understand Putin's point of view.
3) So, when they talk about how divided the country is and that we need to work together, they mean that the rest of us should shut up and stop seeking power, just like the way it has been in the past, the way they like it. 

I'm a great believer in negotiation and compromise, but hell if I'm compromising with people who think that there is legitimacy for slavery, white supremacy, and treason.