October 30, 2017

From the Chair of our Candidate Support Committee, Uyen Nguyen:

Kathy Tran for Delegate is one of the many Emerge alums running for public office this year. It's people like Kathy that makes me want to ensure Emerge's training, tools, and resources are available to women across 50 states. We can't just tell women like her to run for public office; we need to provide her tools and support to also help her win. And look at what an AWESOME candidate Kathy is! Currently, 39% of Emerge alums are women of color so it's also an amazing platform to help WOC to rise up and become elected officials.

Here in WA, we are actively recruiting women to be candidates for our 2018 Patty Murray Emerge WA class. Please help me spread the word, and point any women interested in running for public towards my way or to our ED, Karen Besserman.  More info about the class here

We need to work much harder to ensure women are equally represented in public office, whether at local, state, or federal level. Let's get trucking!