November 9, 2017

From our Policy Committee Chair, Thu Quach:

As a proud employee of Asian Health Services, a community health center in Oakland Chinatown serving 28,000 patients in 12 Asian languages, I have seen the impact we have had on patients' lives. I have seen the hardwork and heartfelt dedication from staff, who come from the very communities they serve. I have seen data evidencing the cost-benefits of our services, and how we have improved patients lives, even saved lives. We have been the safety net for the most underserved. So why are we being ignored by Congress? Why is Congress not making it a priority to fix our funding cliff? If this doesn't get fixed, the health care system will surely feel the impact when health centers are de-stabilized.

Please stand by our patients and staff. Take 1 minute to sign this and send a loud message to Congress that it is unwise to let community health centers fall. America's health depends on our services. At least 27 million people do!