November 29, 2017

From our president, Tung Nguyen:

Unless I'm missing something, I think there is a lot less noise being made against the Tax Bill than with ACA replace. Don't forget that 13 million may lose their health insurance, and this will be the biggest income redistribution benefiting the rich in this country in decades. Trump has not only ushered in race wars, they are also declaring class warfare.

Here are the Senators opposed on on the fence. Please make sure people you know in their states contact them. I'm not going to list their phone numbers because we are doing this over and over again--download the app 5Calls or use this link to Senator phone number and bookmark it permanently.

Oppose: Daines (Mont) and Johnson (Wisc)---the GOP will sweeten whatever they want to get these guys voting for it.
Collins (ME): ACA individual mandate, property tax deduction
Moran (KS): individual mandate, deficit
McCain (AZ)
Rubio (FL) and Lee (UT): child tax credit
Murkowski (AL): unknown, but they are sweetening her pot
Deficit hawks: Corker (TN; tilting yes), Lankford (OK), Flake (AZ)