November 23, 2017

From our president, Tung Nguyen:

Thanksgiving is a flawed holiday, a fictionalized version of the terrible clash between immigrants and natives in America. Perhaps that is why some Americans fear immigrants---they know what their forefathers did.

But, as a refugee to the U.S., Thanksgiving will always be a special day because it reminds me to be thankful that I am here. Even though I no longer think that America is perfect, as I did when I was in Vietnam or the refugee camps and for many years after I arrived, it is nonetheless the perfect place for me.

Without the opportunity to be here, I would not have received an education, live a productive life, have the family that I do, and work with so many wonderful and dedicated people. Most importantly, I value the ability to speak out against oppression without the fear of imprisonment or worse.

I understand that America is not the perfect place for everyone, and that is why we must continue the struggle. America too is flawed, but I am thankful that I have the opportunity to help fix it.