PIVOT's Statement on Charlottesville

August 14, 2017

On this past weekend, the KKK and Neo-Nazis marched under torchlight through Charlottesville chanting “Blood and Soil”, evoking Nazism and the Holocaust, some of the most brutal consequences of racism and hatred in recent memory. This disgusting scene turned tragic when dozens were injured and Heather D. Heyer, 32, was killed when a car plowed in a crowd of counter-protesters. Donald Trump, in a statement of characteristic moral blindness, condemned hatred “on all sides,” equating those who seek to oppress with those who struggle against oppression.

As Vietnamese Americans, we at PIVOT recognize racism as an old American demon that has often been defeated but that must be fought again and again by every generation. We endured it in Galveston Bay, when the Klan attempted to intimidate Vietnamese-American fishermen out of their businesses.

Therefore, we stand in solidarity with people of all races, religions, genders, and orientations, who fight for equality, justice and tolerance against oppression and hatred. We stand with them because history has shown that evil unchallenged can destroy countries and generations of innocent human beings. We are confident that the force of tolerance, united and vigilant, will wear down and defeat bigotry as it has before in this country’s history.  “As refugees and children of refugees, Vietnamese Americans know the value of freedom. We must continue to fight to protect that freedom for all Americans,” said Tung Nguyen, President of PIVOT.