Annie Vu Diaconu

Annie Vu Diaconu is a Bay Area, California native.   Her love for the startup world and desire to build a diverse and inclusive community led her to a role on Lyft’s legal team. Ms. Diaconu is currently a lead for one of Lyft's Employment Resource Groups - UpLyft Women.  As a lead, she provides resources and opportunities to create and build initiatives to help empower women at Lyft. Ms. Diaconu's mentorship and guidance have been positively impactful at Lyft headquarters and she is looking forward to expanding membership to other offices nationwide.

When Ms. Diaconu is not spending her time at Lyft, she serves as a board member for the Tenderloin Economic Development Project (TEDP). She is a devoted community service advocate and strives to help the small businesses in the Tenderloin by creating programs designed to help the local restaurants in San Francisco’s Little Saigon through partnerships and strategy. Her past global efforts include raising funds for communities abroad, survivors of human trafficking, and orphanages from Nepal, Vietnam, Costa Rica to Cambodia.  

Ms. Diaconu's next big project will be working with Center of Asian American Media (CAAM) to produce her first documentary, highlighting talented individuals in the Asian American community.