June 20, 2018

From Kavi Vu:

1993 - my family is reunited from years of separation after my sisters, 4 and 6 years old, fled from island to island to seek refuge after the Vietnam War. (I’m in the back in my mom’s arms wondering who this stranger is hugging my dad.) 

If you've never had your family ripped away from you, maybe you will never understand the pain that refugees must endure to seek basic human rights. 

Governor Nathan Deal, it’s not different from you missing your daughter Katie Deal when she goes on her national country music tour for the summer. Except that tour has an end date and you know you will see her again.

Brian Kemp It's no different from your Father's day post "No title or job will ever matter more to me than "Dad" ... except that you only care about protecting your own title as a dad. 

Casey Cagle It's not much different from you and Nita celebrating your dog Bailey on national puppy day because she's part of the family. But you treat your dog with more respect and compassion than you treat refugee families.. because of the place someone is born?

I call out your families because they have names and lives just like the kids being ripped from their parents today. The difference between your love for your family and refugees' love for their families is not different except that you have the privilege to tell them you love them to their faces. 

 #KeepFamiliesTogether #WorldRefugeeDay