October 25, 2017

From one of our Bay Area members, Anh Thu Bui:

Quick ask and ACTION item for today:

The Senate passed a budget resolution last week and the House is voting on it this Thursday, October 25th. Two cuts to the budget standout: 1) a $1 trillion cut to Medicaid and 2) a $500 billion cut to Medicare. These cuts will affect our most vulnerable citizens - children, seniors and people with disabilities.

1. Call your member of Congress at 202-224-3121. Tell them to vote NO on a budget that makes cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and hurts children, seniors and people with disabilities.

2. Forward this message to family and friends across the U.S. and ask them to make calls.

3. Place this message on your Facebook page and ask people to take action.

4. By texting the number 504-09 and typing in the word RESIST, you can type a message to any of your elected officials and it will be sent. Just follow the directions. You can write whatever you want to say and choose who receives it.