November 16, 2017

From Nikki Chau, our tech guru and restorative yoga teacher:

Inspirational article from BLM cofounder Alicia Garza on cultivating resilience, which we all need right now

"I am a commitment to a durable and resilient heart. To get closer to my commitment, I strive to practice yoga at least five times a week; to practice meditation for 10 minutes each day, and to purposefully envision solutions and freedom for ten minutes a day.

I practice not to be perfect, happy, or joyful, although I am grateful if and when being happy or joyful is an unintended consequence of my practice. I practice in order to feel. To look squarely at what is. I look courageously at my flaws, my sadness, my fear of disappointing people, my own disappointment because I want to have a heart that is durable and resilient. That breaks apart and can be put back together again. Both and, not either or."