November 14, 2017

From one of our Atlanta members, Andrew Quyen Leba:

LATENIGHTOFFICETHOUGHTS: I remember growing up that Vietnamese-American men were always thought of as Viet-thugs and gangsters, and being told that we were the "bad" ones—the ones who would traffic drugs, carry knives, steal your car radios, and drive ricers. So I'm pretty darn proud of seeing five sons of Vietnamese war refugees volunteering over the weekend at a pro bono citizenship clinic to help immigrants from Bangladesh, South Africa, Eritrea, Mexico, Colombia, Burma, China, and Nigeria become US citizens. Special thanks to IRC and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta for hosting us. (Note: we did not steal those bagels.) #sonsofrefugees #fullcircle #VietBoyzIIMen #vietboysalwaysgood 💯