May 2, 2018

From author Thi Bui:

News keeps coming faster than I can draw it.
Here is the beginning of a comic I am working on for The Nib, out later this month. In the meantime, the man who is in it is real and his deportation is imminent...UNLESS he can get a pardon from Gov. Brown. Please take five minutes to call or write a letter!

URGENT: PJ BringPJHome just heard that the Ninth Circuit denied his appeal, so he is immediately deportable. Our information says that the Cambodian government officials will be doing interviews for travel documents in about 1-2 weeks in Pennsylvania, so the timeline is extremely urgent now.


Dan Torres - Director of Immigrant Integration in the Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. 
(916) 324 -2472

Kristina Lindquist - Deputy Legal Affairs Secretary
(916) 445 - 0873

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.'s Office
(916) 445 - 2841


My name is ____, and I represent ____ (an organization, community group, or just the city or county where you live). (If you know PJ personally, describe how you know him). I am calling in strong support of Borey "PJ" Ai's pardon application. The Ninth Circuit denied PJ's appeal, so he is immediately deportable. We need your support NOW more than ever.

Borey "PJ" Ai has been incarcerated in ICE immigration jails for over one year, after already serving 20+ years in state prison. He was only 14 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison. He has never been to Cambodia, and would face extreme hardship due to not understanding the language, culture, and customs. PJ has transformed his life while in prison, becoming a counselor, youth mentor, and facilitator of self-help groups. He was instrumental in KidCAT, a group at San Quentin that helped pass SB260 and 261. He has widespread community support -- as demonstrated by support letters for pardon from the API Legislative Caucus, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center, Chinese for Affirmative Action, The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization, Asian Prisoner Support Committee, and more.

(Share why PJ's case is personal or meaningful to you).

Thank you for your consideration of PJ's pardon. I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.


Mail to: Governor Edmond G. Brown Jr.
c/o Kristina Lindquist
Deputy Legal Affairs Secretary
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814