March 14, 2018

From our president, Tung Nguyen:

When I was 16, all the adults tried to convince me that they were smarter and wiser. I already knew then that they knew more, had more experience, and may be more wisdom. But I also knew that they only used all of that to be get more things done at a bigger scale, not necessarily doing good. Nothing's changed. So I'm all for our children taking the lead. Perhaps we can help them achieve good things.

Most writings about school shootings place the beginning of the epidemic with Columbine in 1999. In my memory, it started with the Stockton, CA shooting in 1989, when Patrick Purdy killed the following Southeast Asian children. Just because they and their parents didn't get heard does not mean they didn't have voices or lives.

Raphanar Or, 9
Ram Chun, 8
Thuy Tran, 6
Sokhim An, 6
Oeun Lim, 8