January 23, 2018

From our president, Tung Nguyen:

“The Securing America’s Future Act would have far-reaching negative effects on economic and labor force growth in the United States, instituting the most severe restriction on legal immigrants since the 1920s.”

Please amplify via all of your social networks, electronic and otherwise—this message must get out so that those who separate themselves because they are “legal” must understand that it is a useless distinction now.

It is very clear that the Republican Party sees the demographic wave swamping them in the next 20 years, and they have doubled down against it by going back in time. This is a losing strategy to bet against demographics. California, which usually leads the nation in this sort of thing, did that in the 1990s, and 20 years later, the Republican Party is irrelevant except for a few House seats (which will continue to fade, if we have any say about this year).

The way we must ensure that they will be confined to history, since that is where they like to live, is to win the 2018 elections. We need to win at least 1 chamber in Congress, to slow this down. But more importantly, we must win it in as many states as we can, because control of the states leads to control of redistricting with the 2020 Census. The long game starts now.