December 2, 2017

From Hong-My Basrai:

As an activist, failing to stop this tax scam is to me akin to failing to cross my country’s borders toward freedom decades ago. 

We lost all our possessions, including our home, and landed in jail. But as soon as the communists released us we did it again. We pulled together resources and found our way out again. It took us 7 years of trying, but my dad wouldn’t give up. We either die trying or gain freedom, he said, to my mom’s extreme distress, although she would follow him wherever he chose to go, all of us together, one family, one destiny. 

I’m writing this because I know many of you who hate this tax bill felt as if the sky has fallen down on you and your family. It is bad. I agree! But please don’t give up hope for a better tomorrow. We will try to right the wrong again and again, die trying, or triumph. 

I believe bad things happen to remind us our deepest values, our priorities and convictions. Let’s get to work. 2018 is just around the corner. I see a boat and the open sea, and beyond darkness is the rising sun. Do you?