Uyen Nguyen


Uyen is a first generation immigrant and a refugee. She came to the United States at eleven years of age. Her career has followed the typical path of many; earning her degrees in Pharmacology at UC Santa Barbara, her MS in Biomedical Sciences from UC San Diego, and her MBA specializing in entrepreneurship and venture capital from UC Berkeley. Things finally got interesting when Uyen went to work as an Investment Officer for CalPERS, one of the largest pension funds and investment portfolios in the world where she helped to ensure Californians received great pensions and healthcare.

Next, after spending several years employed in the arid brownness of California, her desire for greener pastures and her need to be closer to family led her to accept an assignment as Director of Investment for Mekong Capital, a private equity firm focusing on mid-growth consumer businesses in Vietnam.

After having had enough “green pasturing” in 100% humidity, Uyen relocated to Seattle where she accepted a position at….where else, Amazon! After completing her mission at Amazon and now firmly established in Seattle, yet still unwilling to discard her love of travel & the international lifestyle (see: trying lots of cuisines and learning about different cultures), Uyen co-founded Nue. Now she does everything under the sun to keep Nue functioning and making it a great place for both guests to visit and employees to work. With all that, she still finds time to video chat with her nephews 5 times a day while also trying to change the world through chairing boards for charitable causes and performing volunteer work for several humanitarian agencies.