What is America?

 October 7, 2018
Tung Nguyen, PIVOT president  

Some people think America is the system that was built by the Constitution. And represented by its leaders. I do not agree. America is an idea. America cannot be found in its institutions, which are only the results of the idea.

The foundation of America is built in the American Revolution, a war against lack of representation. In the fight against slavery by the slaves and abolitionists. In the fight for suffrage, where women who could not vote changed the entire country. In the fight against exclusion, internment, and segregation with the Civil Rights movement. In the fields where farm workers organized. In the fight for LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. In Black Lives Matter. And so many other struggles.

Look for America not where the powerful are. Look for it where the people cry out in pain. Where people ask for justice. Where people protest. The system needs a soul and a conscience. If you are suffering now, you are that soul and that conscience.

We are in the fight for our lives and our freedom now. They came for Black people. And LGBTQs. Then Muslims. Then undocumented immigrants.  Then those with pre-existing health conditions. And those who can't afford health insurance. Then children of immigrants. Then legal immigrants. They just came for women who have been assaulted.

For those who have been suffering, welcome the new recruits with open arms. We need everyone on board to fight back.

For those who don't believe in the system and seek to work outside it, the system continues to crush the people you serve. Please help us by using your organizing skills and get out the vote.

For those who want to ignore all of this, please remember to listen to that little voice you try to keep quiet. That's your soul and your conscience saying you need to help. You are stressed because you care.

The system dreams in total darkness. We will be the light, and we will bring the fight. Onward.