We are PIVOT - The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization

May 12, 2018

Although many Vietnamese Americans have progressive views, their voices have been relatively quiet in the Vietnamese American press. PIVOT-The Progressive Vietnamese American Organization, was created to ensure that these voices are heard in our communities. Thus, we are launching this regular monthly column in Nguoi Viet on the first Saturday of every month.

PIVOT was created by leaders from Vietnamese communities across the U.S. Our mission is to engage and empower Vietnamese Americans for a just and diverse America. Since there are many Vietnamese American organizations focused on issues related to Vietnam, PIVOT focuses only on domestic policies that directly affect Vietnamese Americans’ daily lives.

Vietnamese Americans have benefited greatly from policies that help refugees, immigrants, and minorities to have better education, health, and opportunities. As a result, PIVOT supports human, civil, immigrant, and refugee rights. We also want to increase cultural, linguistic, and financial access to quality education, health care, and economic opportunities. We also want to increase the the participation of Vietnamese Americans in the voting process at local, state, and national levels.

PIVOT aims to serve as a reliable source of information by providing thoughtful and fair policy analyses, which we will share in this column. We will also include stories about what it means to be Vietnamese American. PIVOT look forward to engaging with you to help Vietnamese Americans help themselves and others.

For more information about PIVOT, please contact PIVOT via our links provided below: WebFacebookTwitter; Instagram