Short-Term Continuing Resolution Falls Short

December 22, 2017

Much has happened in the last 24 hours, with Congress passing a very short-term continuing resolution through January 19.

While we are glad to see that the continuing resolution at least included the minimal funds necessary to maintain certain critical health services, such as the Children's Health Insurance Program, we seek more long-term solutions for supporting community health centers.

Furthermore, the continuing resolution irresponsibly includes a provision allowing the president to sign the Republican tax bill immediately, which will significantly harm working families while providing corporate handouts. The tax bill was pushed through by Republicans without normal markup or hearings in Congress; this type of legislating is counter to our democratic values as a nation.

PIVOT stands in solidarity with our Dreamers, and we are outraged that Congress voted for a spending bill without a clean Dream Act. As a community of refugees and children of refugees, we stand against efforts that lead to deportation, which break up families, and continue a vicious cycle of trauma for generations to come. We urge our elected officials to act with courage and integrity, and stand on a united front to protect health care services, immigrant rights, and working families.