PIVOT Statement on the Results of the Elections of November 2017

November 8, 2017

As an organization that promotes progressive policies and empowers Vietnamese Americans, PIVOT is extremely pleased with the results from the elections of November 7, 2017, which are extremely positive for Vietnamese Americans and for all Americans.

We are proud that Kathy Tran won her election in the 42nd District of the Virginia House of Delegates by nearly a 2 to 1 margin. She will be the first Vietnamese American and Asian American woman in the Virginia House of Delegates. We knew that Kathy was the right person for the job as soon as we met her, someone who has spent her life helping others and who, while raising 4 young children, decided that she will take on the burden of campaigning against hatred and oppression. PIVOT supported Kathy since the beginning of her primary campaign with funds and with get out the vote efforts from our DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Chapter.

We are very excited that Bee Nguyen finished first in her Georgia House race and will be working hard to support her in the runoff election on December 5th. Bee’s father was in the Vietnamese re-education camp/prison and her family left by boat in the middle of the night. Now she is running for the state legislature to take care of others who are vulnerable. PIVOT has contributed funds, and PIVOT Georgia has been knocking on doors for her. We encourage everyone to support Bee in the runoff by donating.

PIVOT understands that only by working among ourselves and collaborating with others can we promote Vietnamese American values and protect our rights. Thus, we are also encouraged by the victories of Democrats in the Governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia. This election cycle has been remarkable for the blatant racism expressed during campaigns against minority candidates. The election of progressive African Americans to the position of Lieutenant Governor in New Jersey and Virginia, and wins by progressive Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in state legislative, mayoral, and municipal races in New Jersey, Washington, Utah, and Virginia are a resounding rebuke to these divisive tactics.

The results of these elections show that Americans are rejecting Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and his repeated attempts to deprive Americans of their healthcare. And most importantly, these victories affirm that America will not stand for racism and hatred, and Vietnamese Americans will be at the front of the struggle for justice. PIVOT is proud to support all progressive Vietnamese Americans.