We See Your Divisive Tactics, GOP

February 9, 2018

Congratulations to community health centers for the great victory on Friday when Congress passed legislation to fix the Health Center funding cliff. Health Centers can now count on two years of extended funding. It would have been better to have longer stability for these health centers, which are the mainstay primary care for underserved populations, including undocumented immigrants.

We must celebrate each victory, but we must not forget that we are far from done. Because we must remember that we have not completely won. And here is why.

During her push for a clean Dream Act, Nancy Pelosi shared countless stories of brave Dreamers, including those who work at community health centers. She shared that of *Jane* who works at a community health center that serves tens of thousands of Asian American and Pacific Islander patients. She and many DACA-mented contribute to the valuable community health center workforce that care for underserved community members, including their own undocumented family members.

We are grateful that health centers funding is restored for the next two years. We also recognize the intersection of health and immigrant rights, and commit to continuing to fight for health center staff like *Jane* and her family, until there is comprehensive immigration reform. And we refuse to allow this Administration to pit these important issues against each other. Let us continue to fight!