Nguyen Dinh

Nguyen Dinh has been living in the US for more than a decade. But where she comes from, the idea of speaking up or voicing civic issues is very foreign. She shared with PIVOT: "I've never known what a democracy looks like until I participated in the 2017 Women's March. It made me realize what a privileged life I have here. Where I came from, we feared to speak up. But here in the United States, we get to have conversation about what's happening in the government and get to vote for who we want. This is our right, but also a privilege in itself. Since then I have become more active in the civic engagement by educating myself about the current issues, having healthy conversations with different people, volunteering in a candidate's campaign. I believe it is our duty to be informed and go vote, so that our voice will be heard."

Join her in supporting Jon Ossoff in the 6th district on June 20, 2017! Early voting is from May 30 to June 16. Check for early voting hours and locations. #AsiansForOssoff